We’ve covered this before but ProPublica has a story up on how tainted drywall from China is killing children at a Fort Bragg. See the article here but the ‘money’ quote to me is:

The federal government is woefully unequipped to help them with a product defect as expensive and widespread as this one.

Part of the reason for this blog is the systemic problems posed by globalization, specifically with China. Regulatory systems that were designed for internal production or amongst countries with like regulations and standards do not hold up to cross-border production with countries with lower standards.

Tainted drywall hurting FL home owners

Dan and Janet Tibbetts’ home in Bradenton, Fla., was built by Lennar Homes with Chinese drywall. Lennar removed the drywall, but left behind the corroded wiring beneath it. The Tibbetts now worry that the wiring is a potential fire hazard. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Special to the Herald-Tribune)