Bloomberg is out with a report on a Pentagon investigation of fake parts on US military aircraft. See China Counterfeit Parts in U.S. Military Boeing, L3 Aircraft.

Lets just look at a couple quotes – unfortunately several paragraphs apart:

China supports the fight against counterfeit goods, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a briefing today in Beijing.

“China’s government is actively promoting cooperation in fighting fake or counterfeit goods with relevant authorities in other countries and such efforts are welcome,” Hong said.

followed a little later:

The Senate committee’s (ed.:  Armed Services) investigative staff amassed a database with 1,800 cases of counterfeiting totaling about 1 million parts. It scrutinized 100 cases and found that 70 percent of the suspect parts were traced to Chinese firms, according to the memo.

So on one hand the Chinese government is taking this seriously. On the other hand about a million counterfeit parts have gotten through the supply system into working, deployed aircraft.

The article discusses the Armed Services Committee and the Pentagon’s concern about failure of the counterfeit computer chips. What if more significantly the Chinese have engineered the chips with back-doors that could give them access to our military hardware?