Sen. Levin chairs Senate Armed Services CommitteeThat’s the headline out from Senator Levin, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

From his report:

An investigation by the Senate Armed Services Committee, which Sen. Levin chairs, found nearly 2,000 examples of counterfeit electronic parts in the military supply chain. Most of those parts appear to come from China, where a brazenly open market in counterfeit parts thrives. In a hearing on the investigation, Sen. Levin questioned executives from defense contractors whose systems were found to contain counterfeit parts, called for contractors and the Pentagon to tighten prevention measures, and called on China to end the countefeit parts trade there. “If China will not act promptly, then we should treat all electronic parts from China as suspected counterfeits,” he said.

The staff of the Committee have documented step-by-step supply chain issues with fake parts coming from China into the military supply chain. The real risk we discussed earlier where we don’t know what we don’t know. We only know what we’ve found so far and more importantly we don’t know what’s inside the chips. Are there backdoors? Are there “design to fail” logic steps?

Senator Levin’s opening statement on this to the Armed Services Committee with links to the fraud the Committee found.