I guess file this under – the best defense is a good offense. Lets call into questions the other guy’s stuff so people won’t look at how and what China is producing.

Li Yuanping, a senior inspector of food imports and exports, blamed the media for exaggerating China’s problems, and blamed the USA for lax procedures that allow U.S. firms to take imports from Chinese firms that are not officially approved by Beijing.


Wei Chuanzhong, deputy head of China’s quality and inspection bureau, admitted that two Chinese companies had mislabeled exports of an industrial chemical as a medical ingredient.


Consumers though, if they wanted to be more diligent, have trouble with the current system. We often don’t know where things came from or if it is stated on the label, we don’t know where the components came from. In a global supply chain, production items could come from many countries. Tracking which one(s) caused the problem is hard but how are we as consumers supposed to know. If you look at the label for food for your pet, you can’t tell if some of the ingredients came from China or some other problem source. This is why errant companies can get away with poisoning us. Their chances for getting caught are very low.